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"In experiments of electrical stimulation of brain slices in a dish and in EEG and MRI scans in vivo, large-scale coherent oscillations or well-shaped travelling waves of neuronal activity can be observed. ... "
                        ...from a Neuroscience abstract...

Lots more fun than just pourin salt on em and watchin em shrivel up, like slugs.

We got these brain slices, see? Yeah that's right, slices a brain, that is what I meant. Yeah BRAIN.
Be quiet.
Now, ya put a anode here and a cathode there and a flick that switch there. Yeah you, lady. Go ahead.
Okay. It's okay lady. I'll do it.
Watch now, see the slices wigglin*?
Isn't that amazin?
A french guy did it with frogs a few hundred years ago.
60 KVa they explode.
                                        (c) biles, forum

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[*Da ya make the electricity wiggle before the brain? Or is the electricity goin in the brain unwiggling... dc, like?]